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Read more about what we’re doing below. The number one thing you can do to partner with us during this time is to buy the Paul Maxwell Co. membership. If you’re interested in learning more about it, please read this letter below from Paul:

Dear friends and family,

A week ago, Molly asked me to quit my job due to chronic overwork and exhaustion for the past 7 years, but especially the past 3, when I have averaged 3 jobs and 70 hours per week, along with a significant departure from me theological career track, so that my beautiful and super smart wife can finish her accounting degree and become one of the world’s best CPAs.

However, I need time to rest. Probably 3 months. After that, I will launch the Paul Maxwell Co. membership in full with a new sense of balance.

My pride kept me from asking for help for a long time, but it’s finally time. My mental health has reached a point where I need time off, and it’s good that we’re getting it. We just don’t know how we’re going to pay the bills in the mean time.

This project is the first time I’ll be confidently leaning into my own abilities for my own business.

An online membership website that leverages the latest online learning technology to bring daily content to thousands of Christians. I specialize in helping companies build positive relationships with Google. This time, I’m doing it for myself.

The site will launch officially Dec. 15, the same day Fortress Press is publishing my dissertation. After 10 years in marketing and tech, I know how to make an impact on a budget by leveraging commercial agility.

In the past 5 years, on my own steam, I acquired marketing partnerships with starting NFL and NBA athletes. I managed publishing acquisitions budgets of over $2M annually. I architected and implemented over 2 years the content marketing funnel that quadrupled a $100M tech company’s client base.

All this to say — yes, I’m tired, but I’m more competent and imaginative than ever. And I know that rest will only further catalyze the cooperative work product of the two.

By the time I received a full scholarship to my Ph.D. in theology at the age of 24, I had already published more in peer reviewed journals than all but 3 of my professors.

I taught philosophy at Moody Bible Institute for 3 years, and there saw the desperate need among Christians for a more spiritually rich and strategically informed manner of living.

I receive hundreds of emails every month from Christians struggling with trauma, grief, lacking the basic coping skills to make sense of the difficulties in their life in light of Scripture who read what I’ve written on my website or and ask me why more Christians aren’t writing well about these complex and immanent issues.

The church rescued me decades ago from abuse, darkness, and cowardice. Now, I feel God is calling me to return the favor.

God has taken me through the darkness the past 21 years, 7 years, and 3 years. It is time. The whale of life has swallowed me up in its belly and I am in its pit. But God is not taking me to Ninevah. He’s calling me back into the heart of Christianity to reconstruct the public credibility of a dying movement.

These are my aspirations, and this is what you’ll be supporting if you choose to purchase a Paul Maxwell Co. Annual Membership.

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