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Courses on fat loss, philosophy, writing, career strategy, and theology. All access. One annual fee. Get 50% off on launch day.

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This membership gives you access to everything I write. Instead of creating and selling new courses and books all the time, I wanted to create a closer relationship with my audience — one where I max out my creative abilities and you support me on a recurring basis. Your membership is an act of trust in me that I do not take lightly. Join and become part of something that will be, I think, quite special in the next year.

  • Download every book

    No more buying on Amazon (you can do that, too). No more wondering if you can read my latest book. If you're a member, you're able to read everything I write, no matter what it is, as soon as I press "publish" on this website.

  • Access to every course

    I'm most excited to offer this membership feature. Each month, I release a new course related to theology, life skills, philosophy, research, fitness, and more. You get full access to every course and digital resource!

  • Read premium articles

    Certain monthly articles that I devote 10+ hours to writing will be reserved for members only. Your support deserves a rich reward.

  • Submit Q&A for podcast

    Only members will get their questions answered on the Paul Maxwell Today podcast. You know you've always wanted that one question answered. I certainly won't be the one to answer it, but isn't it worth the risk that I might?

  • Private members Facebook group

    This feature will be for those who want to interact with others who appreciate my work. If you know or follow my writing, you know I don't tolerate discourteous behavior, and always desire to bring out the most positive, constructive dialogue in everyone.

  • Members-only email

    You will get private emails detailing extra research, behind-the-scenes, and half-baked thoughts behind my creative process.

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